Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ocellated Turkey?

I have never heard of the Ocellated Turkey of Mexico till now.  This is one beautiful bird and Scott Haugen, the man who shot it, has a great story to go behind the picture as well as a couple other pics.  

"These birds rarely respond to a call, never gobble, have no beard and the males are called males…not toms.  The noises they make resemble nothing most turkey hunters are familiar with; but their beauty is second to none."

The one he killed also has spurs longer than any turkey I have personally ever seen!


  1. Also called the Avon or clown turkey.... Regardless, it is one beautiful bird. -mark the gobbler hobblers

  2. Awesome... thank you Mark. And tell Ol' Bo that double bearded would be beaten if I was in the contest. :)