Monday, April 8, 2013

I Never Win Anything....

....Until Today!

I have been on Facebook periodically looking at outdoor/hunting pages and this one caught my eye,  Tradition Outdoors.   So, I began looking at their photos and really began to like their old school design of duck call with their "cross" logo (Here it is turkey season, and I'm looking at duck calls... who does that!?!).  I "liked" the page and started sharing their photos for the contest to help them get some "likes", and low and behold, I won the package. It looks like a pretty expensive package, and it will be put to good use!  

I also found out that these guys can place your company logo underneath the glass of the slate/glass call and also engrave it on wood (box calls).  Once the new website is up and running you will probably see some of these calls on our website with our logo on them, to sell, and give away as prizes.  Now, it's time to kill a turkey! And thank you again, Tradition Outdoors! - T.H.

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