Thursday, April 4, 2013

Things On My Mind!

  • Jim Carrey has jumped on the gun control bandwagon and released a video mocking Charlton Heston; one fan decides to sell his Jim Carey Autograph, just so he can buy a glock to protect his family.
  • With the Turkey Contest I will be posting a complete post of the ranks every Monday, but for now I will just let you know when the ranks change.
  • Those of you that use Charter Cable are going to be lucky!  The Outdoor Channel just made a deal with them to add an extra channel, in HD.  It will be channel 713... LUCKY! I wish DirecTV would make them a deal!
  • That reminds me, I get my contract paperwork to have my mug shown on the show Outdoor Antics on the Outdoor Channel this next week... I guess it's kind of fortunate no one around Wise County has Charter Cable now!
  • I really want a GoPro Black with remote... I just can't break down and do it!
  • Again, Redneck Gold...stolen from Liberally Lean!
  • And remember, don't pack your trash cans too tight!
  • I've been playing with some photos and doing a little editing lately... pic above!

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