Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wounded Warrior 2012 Hunt - Hog Dogs


These are a few of the pics from our hunt. Chewy is the guy in the black tee with the beard (USMC). I'm wearing a green pearl snap. you cant see my face in these, mostly action shots. In the last pic is Arturo (blue tee), our mexican ranch hand guide. He picked up a rock to stand guard in case the hog broke towards Chewy. Chewy has had his prosthetic leg about a year. Which makes him relatively new to it. He was more than willing to push the envelope. We had him in a muddy creek stabbing this boar.

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  1. We used to do a Hunt at Roy and Becky Wilsons in Haskell (Krooked River Outfitters) had a dude named Barefoot Bob as our guide, Great Times..Gives a new meaning to Pig Sticking!!