Monday, April 9, 2012

Helicopter Hog Hunt - Texas Style

From an e-mail:
This Texas feral hog shooting chopper High Def. Video is fascinating. The pilot has a fixed rifle with optics rigged back to his helmet and eye-piece. He doesn't miss and his scout-chopper flying skills are down pat with the hogs behavior and pack or group running style. This came from Greg Cooper who has a huge ranch SE of Brownfield, Texas...south of Lubbock. I don't know where the chopper hog hunting op is but it is clearly West Texas. This is a long run video but the hogs get it! I don't see them dropping flags or stakes from the air to ground-mark their kills so as to go find them easily but I assume they "know" the country or wait for the turkey buzzards to tip them off. The pilot is very good!

HELI-HOG'N from Gary Wagner on Vimeo.

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