Friday, April 20, 2012

Helicopter Hog Hunt w/ Crossbow

I knew that someone had to come up with a different kind of helicopter hunt to make this more interesting... lets go for grenade launchers or something of that sort next time... I think that may be the only thing left to do!

Barnett Crossbows™, one of the several brands owned by Synergy Outdoors™, is pleased to release the unofficial, first ever video of feral hogs being eradicated using a Barnett Ghost 350 Crossbow out of a helicopter. The video and hunt was arranged with the help of Heli-Hunter, located south of Dallas, TX. Matt Busbice, President of Synergy Outdoors and well-known TV personality from Wildgame Nation was the hunter asked to help with the eradication. Matt agreed and took it one step further and said, "Let's try to do it with a crossbow". Matt explains, "People thought it was ridiculous to even try to take hogs with a crossbow. There were so many elements working against me -- moving targets, prop wash which can affect arrow flight, distance, downward angle adjustment, and cocking a crossbow by hand. The speed to reset the weapon is lengthened significantly compared to a firearm." The video footage captures all the action and excitement of this eradication hunt. "It was all adrenaline and fist pumps when we succeeded in clean hits on the hogs. We knew we had accomplished something special, helping the landowners and beating the odds in this challenging scenario" explained Matt. The Ghost 350 crossbow is one of the lightest bows ever manufactured by Barnett. Weighing in at a light 7.6lbs, I could shoulder it and know as long as I considered the other factors it would be accurate. The 350 FPS speed provided plenty of power to get the pigs down.

Host - Matt Busbice
Videographers - Chris Williston - Major Person - Craig Meier
Edited by Chris Williston

Credit: 3


  1. I like Helicopter Game but not of these kind.

  2. I have actually hunted and successfully killed hogs. What i am saying is if a pig is wounded which im almost certain in this situation there was just not shown with a gun a quick follow up shot would be easier then a hunting crossbow. I killed pigs with my bow. And with the shots i took. Slightly quartering away the pig went down in sight. It was a quick clean kill. Its what i live for. Not flinging arrows at pigs running just because they are considered a "nuisance". How would you feel if they where shooting deer??? I know plenty of farmers that think they are a nuisance as well. Does that make it right to fly in a helicopter and fling some arrows hoping to hit them?