Thursday, May 9, 2013

Things On My Mind!

He's not from Texas, cause the old man beside him would have
backhanded him to the next galaxy!
  • Never been on TV before... don't care to be, but was glad the web address was on it!
  • I don't think that show (Marc & Todd's Crazy Clips) has really picked up many viewers.  And I'm not a big fan of the hog in the show doing the talking, but if it works, it works!  EDIT:  Come to find out, the episode that was on at 10:30 pm Tuesday wasn't the right one... but it is still on there because I have it recorded from early Tuesday morning.
  • Still haven't bagged a turkey...not good in my book!
  • Looks like the ranks are going to stay the same for the Turkey Contest... No one else has brought in any more birds to be measured.  I would say congrats to the winners already but there is still a little time left.
  • What are we to do after Turkey Season....?  Maybe fish a little?
  • Here is one great story of an Out-Of-Towner calling the TPWD to find out the regulations for hunting hogs when he comes to Texas... He is shocked, and I am laughing at his amusement!  That's how it's done in Texas!
  • And this may not have anything to do with hunting in Texas, but it always fascinates me when a sea monster comes to shore after a bad storm.  Story and Video Here!
  • I never new there was a Crappie Anglers of Texas Fishing Club with Crappie Tournaments and such... I might try and be member one day!
  • I have never been to Cinnamon Creek Ranch, but their little get together with T-Bone seems like a nice little outing.  I've always been to Timber Ridge Archery here in Decatur, TX... fun place and a pretty good group of guys!

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