Monday, May 20, 2013

Texas Horse Hunting?

I'm sorry, but this just freaked the hell out of me... I have never in my life heard of Horse Hunting, but this may be the real deal!  And NO, I will not participate in this, but I'm just flabbergasted that this could possibly be a real thing, YES, flabbergasted, I said it!  Who the hell would want to hunt a horse??? Aren't they supposed to taste like S**T?  There is even a history section regarding horse hunting dating back to Henry VIII... 

"If you’ve dreamed of big game horse hunting in Texas and are interested in a superior, top quality, exciting and successful horse hunting experience, join Texas Horse Hunt Expeditions,LLC and Master Guide Tom D. Welderman IV on your next horse hunt adventure."

"I’m a guide because I love horse hunting, Texas, the outdoors and because I enjoy sharing these things with other humans who appreciate what horse hunts have to offer."

This has got to be a joke!  Make this part of the Texas Grandslam 
and see how it works out with PETA...

EDIT:  It's all fake! I thought everything you read on the Internet is supposed to be real?


  1. And that's a mule, anyway. ;)

  2. And that's a mule, anyway. ;)

  3. this is just sad and terrifying because i have a horse of my own