Monday, May 20, 2013

Things On My Mind!

  • Still disappointed I didn't bag a turkey this year, but hey, I still have $222 laying here that the 3rd place team hasn't picked up yet!  (They've been trying, but I just can't seem to catch them at the right time)
  • My buddy at Rut Country Taxidermy now has a name going for himself with Dick's Sporting Goods at Alliance Town Center.  They asked him to hang some mounts and he gladly did...but there is going to be one awesome mount going up hopefully in the next couple of weeks that I will be sure to post when it's all ready!
  • Guy hunting public land bagged him a Texas State Record Gator... I'll stick to whitetail!
  • And for all you die hard hunters, it's finally here! A camo colored Texas License Plate!
  • This video was posted on Liberally Lean's blog the other day, but I had to give you guys the option to watch it again.  How nice of him... he saved someone's dinner!
  • I like the Robertson's from the show Duck Dynasty, but I really liked watching there duck hunting DVD's back (12 - 14 years ago) before they were famous.  If you get a chance, watch some of them, they are funny and really show how they hunt - they are crazier on the DVD.  
  • My bracelet up at the top was given to me by a buddy who has made quite a few of them!  WWSD... What would Si Do? and on the other side it says "DUCK IT!"

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