Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Things On My Mind!

  • With a 2 week break in duck season I thought I was going to lose my mind, but hey, I'm a deer hunter, too!
  • Field and Stream has a Gam Cam Photo Contest sponsored by Bushnell that is just now in the last round. There will be 3 winners from each round and a grand prize pack worth over $1400 (binoculars, scopes, cameras, etc).  Give it a shot!  Field & Stream Game Cam Contest
  • I'm nervous, but I'm always nervous... We need rain!
  • The deer in the picture is on my hitlist!  I'm hoping to drop him within the next week or so! As you can see the time stamp is off by 2 years and a couple months.
  • I talked to a guy at my office the other day about Purina Protein Pellets with Water Shield and I am seriously considering giving it a try this next year for my deer lease. It is only about $4 higher then a sack of corn.  He said he has had great results while using it and it can be dumped in your feeder just like corn.
  • Still wondering how the sales were at Cabela's on Black Friday... anyone go?
  • My dog is still in the "cone of shame" after hurting his foot 2 weeks ago, and the $***head can still tear off his bandage. Almost everyday I have had to rewrap it and need him to heal up quick, I have some ducks I need him to start retrieving!
  • Phil and Si aren't the only ones that hate the beaver!
  • Kicks High Flyer Choke! I bought one for my Benelli shotgun this year for duck hunting.  They say just get the modified or you will blow holes in your ducks... they were right, I can reach out and tough them.  Definetly recommended for any of you duck hunters out there.
  • Things are off my mind!

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  1. I enjoyed those thoughts keep them coming Billy !