Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Saint Jo Monster Buck

From an e-mail:
"Here is some more pics of my dads deer and his write up on it. It was taken on our ranch in saint jo out by the red river

I have been hunting this Buck (that we call Goatman) since the first of bow season and never got a good look at him expect thru the trail cam pics, he would always be there when I was not there. Saturday morning I started out late, almost did not go because it was so windy but you can't hunt from the living room and did not want to take my bow, deer are in full rut so I knew the bucks would not be coming by the feeder. Got to the pop-up blind about 7 and saw a doe coming in she left and 2 hours went by with no movement but with the wind blowing 30 + my pop-up blind blowing back and forth. I thought this is crazy and then a doe comes running thru the woods with her tail sticking straight out and a buck chasing. I could not tell if this was Goatman and the doe went behind me about 50 yards and started up the hill, I knew if I was going to get a shot at this deer I would need to run up the hill. So I jump out of the blind and ran up the hill. By the time I got there I was out of breath, heart pounding away (this is hard on an old fat man) and there was the doe about about 40 yards in an open field but no buck. Then I heard running in the woods, I knew I had spoke the buck so I started using my call, a minute later the buck comes out about 70 yards west of where the doe had came out with its nose on the ground. At this point I still do not know if its Goatman, with the buck running to the north of me, I know with this south wind he is going to smell me shortly and he does. All of the time I have been watching him thru my scope and he stops raises his head and looks straight at me about 180 yards out, its Goatman, click, bang. We are not sure what he will score, there are 27 scoreable points, 8" base 17" spread, once we can find someone who can score a non-typical we will post the score. Let me tell you this was a hunt of a lifetime and the biggest deer I have taken."

CREDIT:  SCOOTER (I owe you a call billy, almost done!)

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