Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Things On My Mind!

  • I AM BORED OUT OF MY MIND...Ready for Dove Season!
  • Texas Game Wardens Seize 10,000-plus feet of Gill Net and Nearly 2 Tons of Marijuana! That is a lot of dope... WHOLE LOT!
  • I'm starting Phase 1:  Training my dog to hunt deer sheds!  
  • I will let you know how that goes by shed season next year...
  • Would you believe we still haven't heard a word from our guy who is supposed to be putting together our new website... very frustrating! 
  • There is a new duck decoy company called Spirit Water Decoy Company that I found on Facebook and could not tell the difference in the decoys compared to the live ducks... I told them I was a duck guide and they are sending me a dozen decoys to try out this season.  
  • The gentleman I talked with said ducks will fly over any other decoy just to land next to these...And for the price of $499 a dozen, they swear by there product!  I'm excited as ever to try them out!  Of course I will have a full review of them after I hunt with them a couple of times.
  • No Weekly Motivational Poster this week... They are getting harder to find considering I've put one up every Wednesday for the last 2 years.
  • I had a buddy take his dad to New Zealand this week for a hunting adventure that he bought for Father's Day... so far they have taken down a Tahr, Chamois, and Fallow Deer.  I had no idea what the first 2 were till I saw the pictures!
  • That's one hell of a Father's Day gift! 
    Can you guess which are real, and which are decoys?
    Thanks to Spirit Water Decoy Company!

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