Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's Legal to Kill Bigfoot in Texas!

I came across this article on twitter and thought it was kind of strange, but never know!

“If Bigfoot did exist, and wasn’t human, then it would [be legal]. Bigfoot would be a non-protected wild animal,” L. David Sinclair with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department tells StateImpact Texas.

So, yes, it would be legal to kill Bigfoot in Texas. “It’s right out of the law book,” Sinclair says.

EDIT:  I don't really care what the law would be on this... if there was a 6 - 7 ft. wooly brown looking bohemoth in the woods before dark and I was in my stand having to walk back to the truck at dark... I would smoke it before I had to find it alone in the dark! Bears wouldn't be the only ones Sh*****g in the woods...

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