Saturday, March 17, 2012

Product Review

XLR 250 by Elusive Wildlife Technologies:
A friend of mine had one of these and we decided to try it out on an evening hog hunt... Amazing! We never had to use a spot light and we were about 250 yards away from the feeder. It lit up the field like it was a spotlight, but never disturbed the wildlife and still lit up the eyes!

Some of the green light attachments, like this one, are very expensive, but these are only $139.00! I know some other brands range all the way up to $300 or more.  I've used some of them and was never really a fan because you had to look through the scope to see the small ring of visibility that was shining from the light. 
This one will light up the field if you want it to and also gives you
great visibility through your scope!

It comes with a scope mount, a barrel mount, 2 batteries, battery charger (auto or home), and a push button on/off switch that can be mounted on your gun! Mine is Not For Sale...sorry!

Feel free to ask me any questions or leave a comment if you have one!

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