Monday, January 9, 2012

Double Banded Mallard Duck

Mallard drake that was killed in Decatur, Texas this morning!

Bart Weatherly of Chico, Texas
Hunting with Chapman Guide Service

EDIT: Just confirmed it was his first Mallard and had to borrow shells! WOW! I hate him!


  1. Dangit Billy we missed out.


  2. It makes me sick CB... I will one day!

  3. Ok.
    I need someone to explain to me how a band makes a trophy.
    I get the idea that they don't have any markings, or head-dresses that vary in size to signify a "trophy". I understand that its neat to research and find the history on the bird, but there has to be more.
    I've killed hundreds of ducks. (none banded BTW...)
    Will my life change after I kill a banded bird?
    Please help me out here. What is the attraction?

  4. Banded ducks are actually very rare, just like a big buck! It doesn't change your life, but it does give you $100 if the duck has a reward band.
    And there are specific markings on certain ducks! Mallards actually are the only duck with curls by the tail. 2 curls are standard but 3 and 4 curls are very uncommon but some have been killed with 6 (very rare)!
    If you read one of my other posts there is an article about duck bands!

  5. Awesome. Thanks.
    I'll try to find your post.